Deliver the perfect paycheck every time and streamline payroll processing to keep your team working without interruption.

Stop Sweating Payroll Day

Payroll does not need to be the task that drains administrative resources from you and your team. Our solution’s integrated payroll engine simplifies the entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting.

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Automatic deductions and filings

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Benefits integration

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General ledger

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Manager self-service

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Paperless payroll

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Robust reporting

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On-demand employee paychecks

Automations so You Don’t Even Have to Think About Payroll

When your payroll system works effectively, you don’t even have to think about it. And, you can enjoy a number of other benefits instead.

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Get up-to-the minute payroll information when you need it

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Ensure accuracy of employee withholdings

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Simplify benefits management with self-service tools and sync to HR and Time data

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Deliver timely, accurate payment to employees with every payroll

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Analyze payroll trends and support compliance with real-time, robust reporting

Revolutionary Ways to Pay Your People

Today’s workforce works in real-time, and now you can offer them real-time access to their paycheck, at no extra cost to you. Our partnership with ZayZoon supports your team with financial wellness, creating a happier, healthier and more productive workforce overall.

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Wages On-Demand available for employees

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Financial Wellness with ZayU

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Personalized and interactive resources

The Sky’s Not Even The Limit

Because we design each solution based on your individual needs, you can be confident it will work for your specific needs and processes.

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Connect seamlessly with any system or function you need through third party and custom integrations.

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Save time with automated processes that build right into the way your company works.

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Access everything in one place, from anywhere with our mobile and web self-service.

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Gain true insights to grow your business with robust reporting.

Everything You Need to Streamline Payroll

Automatic Deductions and Filings

Easily manage complex codes to maintain compliance

Benefits Integration

Automatically deduct benefits with seamless HR sync

General Ledger

Access detailed reports of all financial data

Manager Self-Service

Easily view pay statements, benefits data and other critical employee information

Paperless Payroll

Process payroll digitally with direct deposit and other electronic payment methods

Robust Reporting

Visualize data at the click of a button with a number of helpful reports, including General Ledger, Pay History, Payroll Funding and many more

On-demand Employee Paychecks

Let your employees access their paychecks in real-time through our integration with ZayZoon

Continuous Payroll Processing

Run multiple pay cycles simultaneously as needed

Real-time Calculations

Automated calculations based on employee time and HR data

Versatile Pay Rules Engine

Set the rules you need and determine regular or overtime pay easily

Engine Notifications and Issue Alerts

Have complete confidence with system errors to keep you compliant with alerts and notifications

Garnishment Wizard

Handle employee wage garnishments quickly and efficiently

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