Hello, We’re LinkHCM

It’s nice to meet you! You might know us as Payroll Link, where we’ve provided Human Capital Management Solutions for 20 years.

Now, LinkHCM is Your Workforce Connection, designing integrated, custom solutions for your business.

Why the New Face?

As the landscape has evolved over the last 20 years, so have we, expanding from payroll services to a full suite of human capital management tools.

And, we know that your responsibilities in managing your workforce have drastically changed and expanded as well. Today, the individuals who manage an organization’s workforce are shouldering substantially more responsibilities across payroll, HR and operations than they were 5 years ago, much less 20.

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So, to best empower and support you, we’ve grown with you to become LinkHCM, Your Workforce Connection.

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Fresh Name and Logo

Our new name, LinkHCM, represents the connectivity we provide for your workforce. We use individual tools within our software as the building blocks of your custom solution, as illustrated in the logo.

Get That LinkHCM Feeling

Yeah, you know the one. Where your tools communicate seamlessly, your software is creating efficiency rather than headaches, and your team is engaged.

You deserve this and more - and you can get it with LinkHCM.

It’s Easy to Get Started

From first hello to conquering ever-changing challenges, we’ve fine-tuned the client experience to make it as easy and accessible for you as possible.



Dedicated Support

We start the process with the most important step: listening to you. We ask every possible question to learn about your situation and goals, then recommend a custom solution that will address your specific challenges.

While most solutions offer a cumbersome Onboarding process, our Transition model gets you up and running as efficiently as possible. We map out your workflows, work with you to migrate data, then set the rest of the solution up to your needs.

Once you are up and running and have been trained on your solution, you will meet your Dedicated Team - a team of two experts who are your resources in working with the system.

Let's Design Your Workforce Solution

It’s time to transform the way you manage your workforce. Connect with one of our Workforce Success Consultants for a discovery session.

Access Free Tools and Expertise

Our content library has endless tools and insights to help you navigate any of your HR, payroll, and other workforce management challenges.